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  1. Benjamin says:

    ooohwee. good stuff. this is the first i have seen amy butler knits. amy’s gomurdp pillow and bags galore from her sewing projects decorate my house. adding this to anyone’s bag of tricks would be awesome. p.s. looking forward to seeing your adult garment in a few short weeks. i know it will be beautiful. can’t wait to see it, knit it and wear it! thanks for the inspiration.

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  12. http://www./ says:

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  13. Bonjour Hélène,Des trois livres, je préfère de loin le dernier. Robbins a vraiment une énergie communicative qui booste et gonfle le « spi ».

  14. cant wait getting one on the 20th of september!!!Would 16gb be enough for me i do play games like fruit ninja and stuff like that and i dont play graphic intense games i like to download bbc iplayer and sky o and i wont be downloading movies.Awesome review by the way i subbed =)

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