Prettyboy quotes

Door de jaren heen heeft Prettyboy vaak zichzelf gequoted![googlevideo][/googlevideo]


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  1. Kaydence says:

    Full of salient points. Don’t stop benlveiig or writing!

  2. Love your blog-and LOVE this post..not only the active lifestyle of bicycling as a means of transportation for the advanced, but the style and philosophy are chicken soup for the mind..thank you for sharing!

  3. Bom, entao ja nao vendo nada!:-)))Antonio, quando voltar para Canopus mande recado que eu envio-lhe uma marmita!Bem haja!Beijo*de Fada

  4. I just did one of these too :) I heart Euphoria to pieces, that perfume stays on all day and night, great job CK! My favorite cologne must be Acqua Di Gio, I thought of getting myself a bottle just so I could sniff it all the time, then just ended up getting it for my hubby :) I never heard of this cologne that you wrote about maybe I will get him this one too, hopefully it's not one of those brands that are sold only in UK?

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